Suave Scalp Solutions: Fight Dandruff without the Smell!

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I fully admit that around the time of year that the weather is turning cold (or is cold), I get a dry, itchy scalp. If I leave it alone for too long I can even turn flaky. So, about once a week, I use a dandruff shampoo. The problem is that they usually smell horrible. As in, I can’t stand to use them alone, follow them up with a yummy smelling shampoo. Which I’ll usually use twice.

Well, this shampoo isn’t one of those. Suave’s newest shampoo and conditioner duo promises to fix this problem. They smell soooo good! Not really coconut, but definitely tropical and a little bit sweet as well. I really love it.

The shampoo has a nice lather, rinses easily and there isn’t really any smell left behind. The conditioner is a bit richer than many others and it also contains the active ingredient (Pyrithione zinc), and the directions do say to apply the conditioner to your scalp as well. I did this the first time I used the products and it was just too much for my hair. I was over conditioned, flat and just…. blah. Good thing I didn’t have to go anywhere that day! Since then I’ve been using it like a traditional conditioner and have found that just the shampoo is more than enough for me.

So, overall this duo worked great for me without the gross smell. I was itch free and my hair was still easy to style. I’ve been using it with my “normal” routine of once a week now for a few weeks and it is a great replacement for my old smelly stuff in a blue bottle. I’ve found a new staple!

Note that I had planned to write a little post about dandruff and what to do about it, and then Dr. Bailey published a very helpful post about how to treat dandruff! It’s much more comprehensive than anything I would have written, so run over there to check it out.




  1. March 10, 2012 / 2:45 am

    I started using the shampoo recently and I agree, it smells terrific and works gently!

  2. March 11, 2012 / 12:50 am

    I've found the dandruff shampoos are a little harsh – I usually opt for the "dry scalp" care which doesn't irritate my skin. But I might try this product. Certainly would be nice to have something that didn't smell so medicinal.


  3. March 12, 2012 / 3:01 pm

    Hello Christine,
    What a treat to see a link to my latest dandruff post! Tis the season for itchy scalp, but 8 more days until spring and then our scalps slowly improve as we transition into needing good sun protection, self tanners, exfoliation and lots of other warm weather skin care advice.
    Cynthia Bailey MD

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