Sealing in the Moisture: Kanshi Oil to the Rescue

kanshi body massage oil review
Strangely enough, I was introduced to this oil via Twitter. Someone mentioned that she uses it after her shower to "seal" the moisture into my skin, the company offered to send me some when I sounded interested... Bam! I had super yummy smelling body/massage oil in my shower.

Oh yes, it smells amazing. This oil has a blend of different oils including Soybean, coconut and Sesame. To make it smell yummy you'll find some great citrus oils (mandarin orange, grapefruit and orange) and there's even a little carrot oil thrown in. The result is a sweet, citrusy.... not quite tropical mix. It is soft and not overwhelming, and really I can't describe it any more. I can smell it when I've just applied it, but not really later on.

So, how to use it? Personally, I just apply it in the shower before getting out. I pat dry, spread a little oil on my body (love that the top has a flip top, this helps to control how much you're using), and let it absorb on its own. It only takes a minute or two and I don't feel greasy at all. It is definitely hydrating and can be easily combined with a lotion over top.

This oil was a big help this winter when I was really dry, and I'll be using it all summer to keep my skin ready for cute skirts and shorts.

Kanshi Beauty


tfisher0915 said...

Christine, I LOVE your blog. I've been following you for probably a year now but have never commented. I'm going to give this oil a try. I have extremely dry skin (both face & body) and had been considering giving coconut oil a try because I'm reading about it everywhere now. I've also started following your boards on Pinterest. Keep up the great blogging!

Christine said...

Thanks so much! It always surprises me that people actually read and enjoy this crazy site that I create while sitting on my couch and watching tv. :D I did really like this oil. It looks like it is currently out of stock online, but hopefully it will be back soon!

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