Rembrandt 2 Hour Whitening Review: Did Turn Me Into Ross?

rembrandt 2 hour tooth teeth whitening kit, review
A few weeks ago I was taking some pics of myself (for a special project that I'll tell you about in mid-April. When pretty much the whole country will see them. Yikes!) Anyways, I was looking at these pics, and over all I was pretty happy with them. Except for one thing, my teeth.

I'm not usually a super white tooth girl. I think the Ross Geller super white teeth picture here pretty much says it all. The overall goal is meant to be the white of your teeth is the same as the white of your eyes. Most of us don't need a lot of help to get there. Except in pics, things tend to... darken a bit? So, I fully admit that I whitened my teeth in photoshop before sending my pics off.

About 2 days later I received a surprise package from the nice people over at Rembrandt. I don't usually use at home whitening kits (my dentist seems to be very anti-tooth whitening), and I even say in my product review information area that I don't review dental products. In large part, because I don't really use things like whitening strips and trays. Usually. Until I spent a few hours digitally whitening my teeth.

So, read on to learn how well it worked for me. Oh, and since I had a grand total of about... 5 hours on the teeth in med school, I'm not going to discuss how this works. I'm sure there's a dentist blogging somewhere that covers it, right?

Inside that little white and green box you'll find this tray. There are plastic mouth pieces for the top and bottom of your mouth and all of the gel that you'll need, nicely prepackaged to make things easy.

To prepare the mouth pieces I stuck a mug of water in my microwave and hit the "beverage" button. You want water that is hot but not hotter than a typical drink, so this was just a very easy way to prepare it. Dip the mouth piece into the water and after a few seconds you'll notice that it looks like it is wilting. This is perfect- now pull it out and put it in your mouth. It will be warm, but not so hot that it burns. Once it has solidified up again you can cut off the tab in the front, and I really suggest doing this since you'll have those trays in your mouth so much!
This isn't a continuous 2 hour treatment, really it is a series of 4 20 minute treatments with 10 minute breaks in between. To make everything easy to keep track of I set a timer on my iPhone, but you probably don't need to be as anal about it as I was. Just don't leave that gel on your teeth for too long, it will probably start to irritate your gums.

I took pics after each stage of my treatments, and really it is a bit hard to tell the difference between the pics. I think this is partially because I was having some lighting issues- my sun disappeared behind clouds and it started snowing! So, I did compensate as well as I could, but that might be a bit of an issue here.

The gel does taste a bit like chemicals, and while you think it is all in the tray, with your saliva it really doesn't stay there. I didn't have any issues with gum irritation or sensitivity to my teeth afterwards.

The change is subtle, though it was noticeable to my husband. My teeth are a bit more even in color and they are brighter and whiter.

But look! I'm not Ross Geller! The results are great.



  1. You look good!
    I miss Friends...

  2. Hi, Christine! As a faithful follower of your blog and a Registered Dental Hygienist, I wanted to make a few comments regarding whitening. First, you are exactly right...the color of your teeth should match the white of your eyes. One reason you may feel that your teeth didn't seem as white initially is because of your pretty, ivory skin. People with a darker skin tone will appear to have lighter teeth because of the contrast. I'm not sure why your dentist is against bleaching. It's a form of hydrogen peroxide called carbamide peroxide and does not cause any harm to the enamel. Yes, some people are sensitive to bleaching. The good thing is that the sensitivity will subside after the patient stops. I'm sure you agree with me when I say whitening is one of the easiest & least expensive things we can do to create a more youthful appearance.

  3. Jill!!!
    Thank you so much for the great explanation. I was hoping that someone would comment with your expertise! And yes, I agree. Having a great smile is a very easy, reliable and FAST way to look younger. All of those anti-aging creams I write about will take at least 6 weeks to start seeing any little changes, in only a few short hours and a small bit of change you can brighten your smile and make a huge improvement.


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