Prive’s Shining Weightless Amplifier: A Mousse-Like Product With Hold and Shine and Yes, A Little Volume

If someone told you that 1 product could make your hair shiny, have added volume and help hold your style, you’d obviously want it, wouldn’t you?

Well, of course you would!

Privé, the same people who made the best smelling shampoo and conditioner ever, recently sent me this really cool product to try out. It’s kind of a styling gel, kind of like a mousse….

Watch this little video and you’ll see why I’m a tad confuddled.

So, yeah. It foams up like a mousse. It quickly becomes more like a sticky/wet serum gel thing, making it really easy to spread in your hair and distribute evenly. A quick blow dry and a little styling…. I can’t tell that it is there. It does add a little shine, though not a ton (we don’t want to look like our hair is oily after all), it really helps hold any styling into place, and it doesn’t weigh anything down. I didn’t notice a lot of extra volume, but I did notice that it wasn’t making things flatter, so that helps. Best of all, I couldn’t really tell that it is there, meaning I wasn’t crunchy. It smells a bit herbally, but I can’t smell it once my hair is dry either.

I’ve been reaching for it now on days that I use my BeachWaver, and as a result I have curls that hold all day but do become pretty wavy/curl things about mid-day. They’re still there the next day too.

Definitely worth checking out.

Privé Hair Products


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