More Hydration from your Razor? Olay in your Venus Razor

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In the past I’ve been a bit ambivalent about those strips of product that appear on my razor. Have you ever noticed that they don’t really do much? Except maybe make your razor harder to navigate in tighter areas like your underarm?

So, Gillette is releasing a new version of the product sandwiched razor. What makes this different is that they’ve teamed up with Olay to make the moisturizer actually work.

Why does this matter?

Venus did a little research, and they discovered that 60% of women claim skin concerns when it comes to shaving, including dryness, irritation, nicks and cuts. Even worse, 82% of women are “somewhat to extremely bothered by dry skin”. That’s a lot of women! So, every little bit of moisture will help.

Inside those bars you’ll find some of Olay’s typical ingredients, Petrolatum (an occlusive to help seal in moisture) and Glycerin (a humectant that helps to pull moisture to the skin). Satin Care, Gillette’s shave gel, is releasing a new product with an Olay tie in as well, though it will contain Shea Butter.

I haven’t tried the razor (or shave gel) yet. What do you think? To me it does sound more promising than many of those other razors with stuff on the sides.

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