Lippie Love: American Apparel’s Lip Gloss

American Apparel Lip Gloss, swatch, review

This post may actually be a little be…extraneous? Because, believe it or not, American Apparel actually posts swatch pictures on their website. For real. This is pretty amazing, I’d love it if other companies took the hint.

Beauty items at American Apparel typically are a bit of an after thought. You go for new leggings or t-shirts and that hot pink nail polish looks soooo cute. Or that tomato red lip gloss, it looks like a flattering way to incorporate the “tangerine tango” color that people can’t stop talking about. I think that these glosses probably deserve to be actually on that shopping list.

This glosses aren’t sticky, are a bit translucent so the colors are pretty flattering, and they taste a bit sweet. They do last for a few hours on me, and they would likely last quite a bit longer if I could go more than 10 minutes without need a drink of coffee or water.

Read on to look at a few of the shades.

American Apparel Lip Gloss


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