Laura Mercier’s Empty Palette and New Shades

Recently I shared Laura Mercier’s Custom Portfolio, a new, limited edition item to help you keep everything you need, for every day or for travel, all at your fingertips. Laura also created some new shades, both limited edition and permanent collection, to fit into the included compacts.

Since my posting I’ve been able to try out a few of the new shades (and a 6 well compact) for myself! Read on to see pics and hear what I thought.

There are a lot of higher end cosmetics companies that make empty compacts to create your own palette. MAC, Stila, Bobbi Brown… that’s just naming a few. I haven’t tried the one from Laura Mercier previously, so I thought I’d show some up close and personal pics.

The wells in the Laura compact are square, and I love that there are actually holes in the back so you can see what shade you are using. This is apparently a unique concept, I think it’s really helpful for purchases. (During the last Stila Warehouse sale I wanted to buy a few shadows, but had to go and pop out all of my existing shadows to make sure I didn’t double purchase. I broke one in the process, and popping about 20 shadows in and out is definitely annoying.)

The entire system is really easy to use, there’s a frame that you lift up, and the shade beneath comes out very easily. Just put it into the new compact and you are ready to go.

Soft Iris is a new permanent addition to the Second Skin Blush collection. I found it to be a really pretty color, and it was softer than I expected when applied. To get the swatch below I did have to apply a few times so it would show up. During regular application it is the same shade but a bit softer and prettier, it’s a great blush.

Seashell Pink is a limited edition Eye Colour. I loved that it is a bit pink and a bit peach. It is a great neutral that I know I’ll be reaching for over and over.

Soft Pink Lip Glaze is limited edition, non-sticky and well pigmented. It’s another of those pinky-nude colors that I seem to be super drawn to lately. I’ll get a pic of it on my lips soon, I need a bit more sun to do it!

Pearl Glow Veil is a really pretty shimmer/highlighter. The inset above is the compact in the sun, so you can see that there is shimmer, but it is very fine and subtle. Perfect for not wanting to look like Miley or Britney in their heighdays.

I did find that this product had a light gold tint to it, which yes, you can see once applied. For me, with my very pale skin, it was like a light bronzer. So, I’ll likely be breaking this one out mostly when I’m in bronzer mode (aka- not the middle of a Michigan winter).

This one is also limited edition, so snap it up while you can!

Laura Mercier



  1. March 3, 2012 / 6:24 pm

    This sound to be a great palette I must try this and the colors you got are very pretty.

  2. March 3, 2012 / 8:50 pm

    I really like that concept for being able to see what color you're using without having to keep popping colors in and out.

    But, I also don't really have that problem because of the system I use to keep track of what makeup products I currently have. But, still a very good concept product.

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