Fragrance Wednesday: Costume National’s Pop Collection

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Now that spring (or is it summer?) has hit in a major way around here, I fully admit that I’m running around in full on spring mode. I want my colorful pants, chunky jewelry, bright polish and lippies… yes! And, that also means a fragrance overhaul.

Gone are my cravings for warm and seductive. I want fresh and light or fruity and playful. Those are my predominate spring moods, and I need matching fragrances.

This fragrance (which isn’t actually a collection of fragrance, it is one fragrance that comes in a collection of different bottles. Just pick your favorite when you purchase. This is a fun oriental that to me just is screaming “Spring!”

Top Notes: Pink Grapefruit, Black Currant and Bittersweet Raspberry
Middle Notes: Jasmine and Rose
Base Notes: Patchouli Heart, Cashmeran Wrap and Ambre Gris

When I initially apply this fragrance it is very off putting. It actually smells very strongly of pink grapefruit and pink pepper (which isn’t listed as a note, but I swear it is there). It is very intense, and pretty much overpowers no matter how much of the fragrance you apply. This initial phase needs to be completely ignored. Really. After about 5-10 minutes the fragrance will tone down quite a bit and be very different.

Once things have calmed down a bit, the pink grapefruit is still very prominent on me, but it no longer overpowers. It is grounded by patchouli, which I don’t usually like. Somehow, with the grapefruit it isn’t the hippy 1960’s scent that I usually think of, instead it is a slightly spicy and exotic base note that adds a bit of something different. But, it isn’t warm feeling. Perfect! I also get a little bit of floral in the mix, but it really is just a hint (I think it’s the jasmine, but it is so subtle that it is hard to tell).

This scent is definitely fun and different. I want to wear it to a farmer’s market in a bright color blocked dress or hang out in my backyard wearing my new green skinnies. This is my new scent for celebrating this super early warm weather!

Costume National


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