Shop MAC Restores Dazzle Cremeblend Blush

Shop MAC Restores Dazzle Cremeblend Blush swatch
I seem to be a sucker for cream blushes. Lately I've been reaching for one every day, they seem to give a pretty glow that is hard to replicate with a powder blush.
Shop MAC Restores Dazzle Cremeblend Blush swatch

MAC Cosmetics


Natalie said...

Very pretty! It seems like it would mimic a natural flush to the cheeks very well!

Lily said...

Would you apply it with a brush or a finger?

APB News said...

Perfect for cool weather. In the summer, a cream blush can be a little much - makes you look like you are about to get heatstroke (or maybe that's just me here in Texas!)


Christine said...

With a finger is easiest for me. And I think that might be you in Texas, I seem to do fine in the summer, though I'm here in Michigan! :D

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