Kinda Obsessing: Mayron's Goods Chapstuff

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This little tube of goodness is never far from me lately. What is it? It's Chapstuff, and it's seriously amazing.

It's basically a big Shea Butter based moisturizing stick for anywhere you have dry skin. I've mostly been using it on my lips (it tastes a bit orange-ish and has a pretty shine. I am a sucker for the flavor orange and shiny lips), but I've also found that it is really great on my dry hands and especially on my cuticles. Any time I feel my lips need a little swipe I've been hitting those areas as well.

The Chapstuff has been very helpful at keeping all of those easily dry and cracking areas in good shape. It is a stick, and it feels a bit like chapstick, though more hydrating. It melts a bit as you apply and it has a faint orange taste/smell. It really feels like it is sinking in and just locking moisture into your skin as it soothes all of the dry skin. It's been especially great on my dry hands!

The tube is a bit expensive at $14, though a little goes a long way and this thing is pretty large. The stick is about 2 cm wide by 1 cm and then another 2 cm tall. More than enough to last me all winter.

(note I'm not sure that it is 100% organic, but they have a lot of organic stuff in it)

(I love this part, the tube says it is "not tested on animals, tested on actresses' babies.")

Available on-line at Mayron's Goods, or at these stores


  1. Yum, orange is way better than cherry flavor! Have you tried it on areas like your elbows? Or would it leave reside that gets on your clothes?


  2. I've used it on my hands, though not my elbows. It has a light residue, but it doesn't seem to cause issues to me!


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