CoverGirl Blast FlipStick Lipcolor Review: 2 Coordinating Colors in One

CoverGirl Blast FlipStick Lipcolor Review, swatch

Have you seen the new Blast FlipSticks yet in your local CoverGirl display? I spied them a few weeks ago and was really, really excited to try them out. Yes, even though there were only very warm shades left, despite my cool toned skin. I bought that sucker anyways. You’ll see in a bit that this was a less than sound decision, but I stand by it anyways.

So, why is this so cool? For the price of one lippie, you get 2 coordinating ones. That can be used together for 3 different looks. Kinda love that. The ones I tried (the one I bought and the one CG sent me later) have a darker creme lippie and a lighter frost, though really it’s more of a fine shimmer than that ugly 1980’s look that we usually associate with frost. We need a new word for frost, truly.

The lippies are well pigmented and apply easily. On me they last a couple of hours without problem, though as I’m constantly drinking something so after about 3 hours they do start to wear off. I’ve been using them more as lip stains than lip sticks, because they are so well pigmented. They last a couple hours longer that way.

Read on to see the shades I tried out

CoverGirl Blast FlipStick Lipcolor Review, smooch, swatch

Obviously, this is the warm duo that I was so excited to purchase… and it really just doesn’t work right with my coloring (it’s more obvious when you can see my whole face, in this pic it looks fine). I’m not sure why it looks so much lighter in the swatch, but it really did look lighter and cooler on my arm. So there you go. This will look amazing on my mom or sister, I’ll be hanging on to it for them. But, it’s a rare product that gets me so excited that I must own it, so I just buy it in completely the wrong color. Because all the “right” colors are already sold out.

CoverGirl Blast FlipStick Lipcolor Review, pucker, swatch

I love the pop of bright pink with this color. I’ve actually been using it as more of a lip stain. Apply, blot, repeat and then color with lip balm. I lasts a couple of hours extra and the bright pink…. so pretty!

CoverGirl Blast FlipStick Lipcolor



  1. Deb
    February 8, 2012 / 10:52 pm

    Well Christine, I think Smooch looks good on you in the third swatch where the colors are mixed. Pucker….umm, sorry, I can't get behind that one. Maybe because I'm a red head with very fair skin with red undertones….I have to be sooooo careful with pinks or I look like a clown. I really like how you started showing the lip colors on your lips….any chance you might graduate to a full face shot? Would be great to see the bigger picture effect. Of course, I realize that if you haven't done the rest of your face yet you might not want to do that. Just a thought.

  2. February 8, 2012 / 11:54 pm

    I have two of these, and I LOVE them! On me, maybe because I bought darker colors, they last for hours. They definitly transfer, but the color is still vibrant like I just applied it. I'm also cool toned, so it took me a while to find ones i liked..but overall, totally worth it! (now if only CG could come out with some kick ass eyeshadows!!)

  3. February 9, 2012 / 12:23 am

    Yeah, true! It's easier to see sometimes on a full face shot. I'll probably do that on occasion since I'm now "out" as a beauty blogger (you can see my whole face off to the side in the right, I added that about a month ago, and in my "about me" page). I think it's easier to see the lippie like this, but I'll add more in!

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