Algenist Hits Sephora

A new anti-aging skincare line is hitting Sephora now, and you'll likely be hearing quite a bit about it sometime soon.

The "secret" ingredient in Algenist is Alguronic Acid, a mixture of byproducts from algae. This line has gotten attention from The New York Times. Basically, it is a byproduct of algae and there are a bunch of peptides. I don't have enough info to tell you how the algae works on the skin, but in vitro this anti-aging complex increases collagen synthesis by up to 209%, increases proteoglycan synthesis by up to 155%, and increases elastin synthesis by up to 32%.

The new line is already in stock at Sephora, and I'll be trying it out soon. What do you think?

Algenist at Sephora


  1. I am in the market for an anti-aging product and, have just now started reading different product reviews. I saw this too at Sephora. I think I will give this a try also.

  2. I tried two products from the line but just wasn't did not do much for me so I passed it to a friend. Hopefully she will love it. As I learned, some great products don't work for everyone! Karen/So Fla

  3. I'm using Algenist products for about a month.
    I noticed difference in a week or so, but when my co workers began to tell that my skin looks radian, and asked what kind of cream I use...
    so, at this moment you know, that it works, it really works...

  4. I have used this product for 1 week now and my skin looks amazing!!! I am 43yrs and my skins moisture level has increased dramatically. I have absolutely no lines on my face... this product really works. BUT, I do have to say one thing... to have good skin you really need to eat well and not drink or smoke.

  5. Love love love this line!

  6. I love the algenist line i'm 56 and everyone thinks im in my 40's. thank you, algenist.


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