5 Years of Favorite Products: Aveeno Baby Sunscreen

I’ve already shared my overall favorite sunscreen Aveeno’s Hydrosport, but I did want to offer up a physical sunscreen option for those with super sensitive skin or children under age 2.

Aveeno Baby Sunscreen is my pick for a great physical sunscreen. Physical sunscreens are typically not absorbed into the skin (I say this with the caveat that newer, micronized physical sunscreens can be absorbed), so they are better for those with skin conditions and are the only sunscreens recommended for use in kids from 6-24 months by the AAP.

Aveeno seems to have gotten around most of the typical physical sunscreen issues with this product. There really is no scent and the thick white cream doesn’t take much rubbing to completely disappear into skin. Once applied I can’t feel it on my skin, so this is a dramatic improvement over other physical sunscreens. Most physical sunscreens feel so thick and heavy on my skin that I can’t stand to apply them.



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