It Factor Shampoo and Conditioner Review: Cut Your Drying Time in Half!

It Factor Shampoo Conditioner, Review, Quick Dry
It should be obvious from the name of my blog that I'm not a morning person with a lot of "get ready" time. 15 Minutes used to be my time from hair dry to out the door with makeup done, outfit on and coffee in hand during that time. (I fully confess that might time has increased since then, in large part due to my daughter, but I digress.) Decreasing my drying time could be huge for my morning routine. Imagine, more than 20 seconds to grab an outfit each morning... An additional 30 seconds to actually run a flat iron or curling iron through my hair... Or maybe even a chance to talk to my husband for a few minutes? This could be amazing!

Basically, the experience of using these products isn't any different than another shampoo/conditioner duo. The shampoo has a nice lather, they both smell very yummy, a fresh fruity scent. Almost like apples, but not quite. I can't explain the scent any better, but I did really love the smell. Both products rinsed out very easily.

Did using these products cut down on my dry time?


While It Factor states that you don't need additional styling products, we both know that isn't true. Yes, my hair was soft and shiny. My frizz was less than a typical non-product day. However, I like my hair to be a bit more bouncy and frizz free on a typical day, so I have reverted to using styling products on days that I use It Factor.

Drying time is definitely decreased when I use these products. I can get the dry time down to about 50-60% of my "normal" time if I don't use any product. If I'm using my usual It Factor day's product, which is about 2-3 pumps of Shu Hair Oil and Oscar Blandi Volume Spray, then drying time is about 75% of normal.

The end result is hair that is shiny, easy to style and looks healthy. I haven't had any issues with product build up (I've actually used about 90% of my bottles as I write this post), and the effects haven't diminished. If you're pressed for time in the morning, definitely check out this duo!

It Factor Shampoo Conditioner, Review, Quick Dry

It Factor Shampoo and Conditioner


  1. My arms always get so tired when I'm blowing out my hair. I have to try this out.

  2. Hmm this is a really interesting concept. I haven't seen a product like this before...but yeah the whole "no need for other styling products" I don't know why anyone would ever promise that lol.

  3. Is this product sold in stores or online?

  4. Ooh interesting, I hate blow drying my hair as it takes so long so might have to check this out!

  5. I solved my blow drying problem by cutting my hair so short that it air dries in 10 minutes. Too bad I didn't know about this product earlier!


  6. I'm loving this product too! Getting ready to review it now. :)

  7. I have been using these products (fine hair) for over two years and I LOVE how my hair looks and feels after washing and conditioning with It Factor. My hair is much smoother and easy to manage, and it does not fade my hair color (which is a reddish brown color and problematic as all "redheads" know). It does significantly reduce drying time as well. Great product. My only complaint is I cannot find it retail any place near me (South Florida) and so I have to order on-line.


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