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Now, I fully, 100% admit that I'm not a pagent girl. I never really got the point, and back in the day that I was that age, the girls looked so insanely different from everyone else that it was.... very fake? Though, I am really dating myself with that statement, since the real issue likely was how many people around me were into grunge and wearing plaid rather than hair spray and making sure their lipstick looked great.

As time has gone one, the girls in the pagents have gotten closer to my beauty ideal. True, they are a bit tanner and their hair is a bit bigger than I would like, though it does work well for the cameras. I've been curious about their beauty tricks. They look perfect for hours under intense scrutiny and hot lights. Definitely a bit more taxing than my typical day at home playing with my baby!

This summer when I appeared on Fox 17 in Grand Rapids, I had the chance to meet Elizabeth Wertenberger, Miss Michigan. She got ready for her appearance in her car (I know, I saw her), and it was grey and gloomy. About to downpour. She made adjustments to her hair and makeup and still looked perfect in front of the cameras. That takes skill!

I got the skinny on how to incorporate Pagent makeup tips into your every day life from Marylin Lee, Brooke Burke's makeup artist. (In case you missed it, in addition to her Dancing with the Stars duties, Brooke is the host of the Miss America telecast.) Marylin teamed up with Artistry, the Official Skincare and Cosmetic Provider of the Miss America Pageant, to offer some tips!

Start with Skincare
“Preparation is a must,” comments Lee. “Skin serves as the base for your entire look and likewise has an affect on how your makeup will appear, so you’ve got to start with skincare.”

1) Start with a clean face. Apply any peels or exfoliation products the night before so that skin is calm leading up to makeup application.

2) When ready to apply makeup, first pat an eye cream around eyes. A light formula like that of ARTISTRY® Creme LuXury Eye works well and can be used 360˚ around the eye. Next, you’ll want to massage in a facial moisturizer and allow it to penetrate the skin for at least five minutes before makeup application.

Makeup Matters
3) The best secret is to apply eye makeup first, allowing you to then clean up any flakes from eye shadow that may fall on the skin. To start, use a dab of concealer on eye lids as a primer and then lightly powder the lids.

4) Next, apply ARTISTRY® Eye Colour in Bone under the brow bone and blend down to your eye’s crease.

5) Using ARTISTRY® Lavish in Cashmere Eye Shadow Trio in Coco Brown, apply the matte brown shade in the crease of the eye.

6) Apply the copper brown shade on the eye lid blending from the lash line up to the crease and just past, so that there’s not a hard ending line. Then, using a damp brush, dip into the copper brown and apply over the lid to intensify the color. Also apply this color damp under the lower lash line as an eyeliner.

7) Next, line the top lash line with ARTISTRY® Automatic EyeLiner Pencil in Ebony, creating a thicker line toward the outer eye.

8) Dampen a small brush and use it to apply the white shimmer color from the Lavish in Cashmere Eye Shadow Trio into the inner corner of the eyes, applying in a V shape.

9) Curl lashes, but don’t apply mascara quite yet.

10) Clean any flakes from eye shadows that may fall on your skin by using a damp sponge or Q-Tip.

11) Apply ARTISTRY® Hydrating Foundation. Tip: Use a slightly darker shade than your skin tone along the hairline, under the cheekbones, and under the jaw line. This helps create a subtle contouring of the face. Blend well.

12) Cover any blemishes or skin discolorations by applying concealer to those spots.

13) Blend a concealer under the eye to brighten the eye area. Tip: Choose a shade just lighter than you normally use to highlight your eyes. Use the same concealer to highlight the bridge of your nose.

14) Set your makeup with a powder to match your skin tone.

15) Apply 2-3 coats of mascara.

16) To create a dimensional look, apply two cheek colors. For example, apply ARTISTRY® Lavish in Cashmere Cheek Colour in Soft Rose on the lower part of the cheekbone, then the lighter cheek color in Soft Pink on the top part of the cheekbone.

17) Finally, finish your look by applying ARTISTRY® Automatic LipLiner Pencil in Pink Nude all over your lips as a base to help lip color last longer. Top with ARTISTRY® Lip Gloss in Pink Suede.

Bump It Up
“You can also bump up this look for more drama,” adds Lee.

• Apply ARTISTRY® Automatic EyeLiner Pencil in Ebony to the waterline (inner rim) of your eyes.
• Brush ARTISTRY® 3D Face Powder over the cheekbones and on the neck and upper chest. This gives you just a touch of shimmer.
• Create a full pout by switching the lip colour to ARTISTRY® Lavish in Cashmere Lip Colour in Pomegranate and top with ARTISTRY® essentials Lip Shine in Celestine.

Miss America will be on January 14th, and this year you can help vote for the finalists! I've already voted for my favorite,
Elizabeth Wertenberger, Miss Michigan. Please go and vote for her!


  1. I've never heard of Artistry makeup. Is it readily available? I like the look of your blog and the changes you've made

  2. I am amazed that she got ready in the car! My sister in law sells Artistry products. I will definitely be contacting her after reading this!

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