3 Lab's Perfect BB- A BB Cream with Choices!

A few months ago I reviewed Dr. Jart BB Cream, which worked for me, though with everything you could need in 1 product there wasn't a lot of room left over for... choice? Not even choice of shade. It worked for my skin tone, but since I'm super pale this isn't encouraging for the other 98% of the population (aka- those with normal skin pigmentation).

So, enter another BB Cream, though this one is a bit more like a tinted moisturizer and it has shades! So, there are actually different options.

This lotion contains a lot of anti-aging ingredients all in one place. I like that it doesn't include hydroxy acids or retinoids, since those can be irritating. There is an encapsulated growth factor in this formula, but I haven't been able to find much info on growth factors and efficacy in anti-aging skin care. I will say that encapsulating something, if done properly, should help it to penetrate into the skin more deeply. I don't know how well a growth factor will help fight aging, and I don't know if it is safe during pregnancy.

Also in the mix:
Adenosine, read about it in my Youth Code post.

One of my favorite things about this product is that it is a high SPF at 40, which is pretty amazing.

So, since I'm really treating this as a foundation review, I should probably talk about how this product is to actually use! It has the consistency of a lotion, and while it looks like just a simple tinted moisturizer it does have a little more coverage. I'd call it a light to light/medium foundation coverage. The coverage is just enough to even out my skin tone but not too much.

It applies very smoothly, I can easily blend it completely with just my fingertips. There isn't a sunscreen smell or feel, and instead of the heavy residue that I associate with a high SPF physical sunscreen it sinks right in and feels lightweight. The coverage lasts pretty much all day.

+/-? - read about the growth hormone above. I don't see where it is in the ingredients, but it is listed as a main ingredient and is likely hiding under a chemical name that I don't recognize.

3 Lab Skin Care

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