Yummy Smelling Lotion at Your Drugstore: Aveeno Positively Nourishing

So, I kind of have a thing about scented lotions. I'm very picky about them. Way more than I am about scented soaps. Soaps go away after a bit, lotions tend to.... linger. Have you ever noticed that a scented hand lotion that is less than perfect can just throw your whole day off? If I get a scent I can't stand... forget it. I'm completely distracted. I'd rather rewash my hands and have dry hands than have smelly, well moisturized hands.

So, when a box of 3 new Aveeno lotions arrived on my doorstep recently, I was excited. New lotions! For Winter! Avoid the dry, scaly itchies! But.... they're scented. There were 3 scents actually. Grapefruit, Blueberry and Vanilla (full disclosure: I'm not usually a vanilla fan).

These are hand lotions, they're body lotions, but I've been leaving them next to sinks to apply immediately after hand washing. They're fairly lightweight and sink in quickly without leaving behind a greasy feeling. Not the most hydrating lotion for the winter, but this is more than adequate for using many, many times a day after hand washing.

Perhaps the best part of these lotions is the scent. They are not the flowery, perfumed versions you'd typically expect of a mass market lotion. Instead, think of those lotions you love to sample at Williams Sonoma (you know you do it too). The grapefruit smells like grapefruit. Fresh and very citrusy, though not overwhelming. The blueberry is a bit sweeter to me, more like a cobbler, though I grew up in West Michigan, surrounded by blueberry farms so I might be a bit blueberry picky. The vanilla isn't the sticky sweet vanilla, rather it is a bit easier on the nose.

I've repurchased the grapefruit (now living on my desk at work) and the blueberry (in a "cool auntie" Christmas gift for my 5 and 7 year old nieces). Love them!


This is a crazy number of disclosures. First, I'm an Aveeno blogger, so I get a first look at products. I blog about the ones I love and I'm honest in my reviews. Read the post above to see why there are 2 more disclosures.

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