Spa Ritual Cuticle Set: A Little Extra Pampering

It's so easy to get excited about new polish colors that you completely overlook basic nail care (**raises her hand and fully admits to being guilty!**)

This great set from Spa Ritual has some products that help you keep your cuticles looking amazing, perfect for the dry harsh winter.

• Cuti-Treat Cuticle Gel: A nourishing and hydrating gel that helps to treat dry cuticles.
• Nutri-Thick: Helps to thicken and grow thin, weak nails
• Cuti-Cocktail: An oil complex with Evening Primrose, Grapeseed and Aloe Oil that helps to smooth and hydrate skin. Comes in a convenient pen.

$30, Spa Ritual


skippysays said...

Add me tot he guilty list- this set looks like just what I need!

deal blog said...

Great holiday gift suggestion. This would be a perfect gift for my girl friends. Thank you for sharing this :)

Aleya Bamdad said...

Great stocking stuffer.

skeetybee said...

This is a great idea, I love this! and so could use one myself... lol

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