Smashbox's Be Discovered Palette

With the holiday season in full swing, I've been a bit overwhelmed with work, making my daughter's first Christmas special and blogging. So, blogging is a slightly lower priority right now, which explains why you are now seeing my Thursday makeup post on... Friday Sunday. Oops!

One of the best parts of the holiday season is obviously all of the amazing special sets that arrive in stores. Some amazing deals and limited editions can be found this time of year. And of course, quite a few "giant" eye shadow palettes. The palettes can be hit or miss. Do you really need 15 different bright pink eye shadows? Are the shadows still up to that company's quality levels?

Included in this kit:
· 45 Eye Shadows
· 9 Cream Eye Liners
· 3 Blushes
· 1 Bronzers
· 2 Soft Lights
· 6 Lip Glosses
· 4 Mini Brushes

This post is super pic heavy, so click through to see all of the images. Click on each image to enlarge.

The "official" Smashbox picture doesn't really do this set justice. It's much prettier in person, you can see most of that in this image.

I think it's a bit easier to navigate the huge number of shadows here if you think of them as 3 sets of 15 shadows: Neutrals, Cools and Warms.

The neutrals. You can see in my pics that Smashbox has done a lot of the hard work for you and already grouped shadows that work well together. (I think this is why I get so overwhelmed with the huge shadow kits. They're usually laid out by color... but then you have 40-100 to pick from... too much!)

The shadows that are hard to see did seem to be very neutral and disappeared somewhat into my arm. But, they're there!

The cool tones were definitely more adventurous than most of us use in our every day lives. The brighter/darker shades weren't as pigmented as I would have liked. In particular the 4 purple shades were hard to have show up for the swatch pic. However, I'm not sure you'd necessarily want them this bright for normal use, it would be easier to get a pretty wash with less pigmentation. So, hard for swatching but probably ok for wearing.

Finally, the warm shades. They're still fairly neutral so even a cool toned girl like me can wear them.

So, rather than 6 blushes, what you're actually seeing are 3 blushes, a bronzer and 2 soft lights (aka-subtle shimmer powders). I've stupidly laid them out on my arm. This is my left arm, horizontal. My hand is to your right. The far right 2 colors are from the neutral set pic, the middle 2 colors are from the cool set pic above and the far left 2 colors are in the warm set above.

You can see that really when laid out like this, you end up with the 3 blushes on top, the bronzer on the bottom left and the 2 soft lights on the rest of the bottom row. The blushes are all pretty neutral and you should be able to get a very pretty subtle look with a blush brush. The bronzer was matte though I felt a bit yellow/orange for my super pale skin. It would probably be fine on anyone with some pigmentation in their skin, I just happen to be super pale. The soft lights really are just that... very soft. There was shimmer but not too much shimmer. I've been fine using these 2 as a very subtle highlight on my cheekbones and nose.

I think the eye liners are actually my favorite products of the entire palette! They're super pretty, and you can see in the sunlight image the pretty shimmer. These are pretty heavy creme liners and they work great with a stiff brush. I find that liners like this are easy to really smudge into the lash line.

This set also included a few brushes. I really think they're a bit worthless for actual makeup application. I've set them aside to use for things like nail polish clean up (seriously, dip one in acetone and try it out- so easy!)

Finally, some lip glosses! They're slightly on the sticky side, but only slightly. I like that the lippies cover pretty much the entire range from light neutral to dark.



  1. I wonder how this palette compairs to the Photo Op palette on

    Anyone have any imput they could share?

  2. Which brush does what? I'm so lost!


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