Avon Foot Works Lavender Collection

Any foot product collection that includes items like an overnight moisturizer, a mask and a soak is alright in my book. I love that this set is the ultimate in pampering those little tootsies!

• Overnight Treatment Cream (3.4 oz.)
• Comfort Foot Soak (3.4 oz.)
• Clay Mask (3.4 oz.)
• Cozy Lavender Striped Socks

$12.99 at Avon


Toyin O. said...

Very nice, that will make a great gift.

Hair restoration los angeles said...

I agree with Toyin, that's nice... so nice that I won't buy it as a gift but for myself!

Find Hair Stylists said...

It would make a great gift for my sis-in law! Thanks!

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