Zoya Twila Swatch: A Very Blinged Out Bright Blue Nail Polish

Similar to Zoya’s Kissy (check out my Zoya Kissy swatch), this polish really is just for layering. I did try using it alone, it becomes a hot mess when you have more than 2 layers. So, if you’re going to go for Twila, I highly suggest buying Noel, which is the perfect shade for layering underneath it.

You can see that the glitter is all the same bright, shiny blue as Noel. There is small square glitter and then longer rectangles. I did have some issue with the rectangles overhanging the edge of my nail. I was able to push them back into the nail polish with the brush during application.

This polish is a bit bumpy, you’ll need a thick top coat or just 2 coats of a regular top coat.

Zoya Nail Polish


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