Verilux Full Spectrum Mirror: My Major Morning Upgrade

I'm pretty in love with today's featured gift idea. I think you should seriously consider buying this item for yourself. If not now, then just file this away in your brain. Sometime you'll face the same issue I have and you'll remember... there was that beauty blogger that got a new mirror and loved it. I need to find that mirror!

First, I should explain my issue. It's really not that sad. My makeup vanity is too far from the window to get much natural light. My bathroom is too big. Seriously, moving to the midwest was a major boost to my bathroom real estate over So Cal, but now I'm in a bit of a dark zone. Yes, there are quite a few light bulbs around that area (both recessed lights in the ceiling and more traditional bathroom lights over the mirror), but the lighting still isn't quite right. Plus, when I sit down I feel miles away from the mirror. So, I've been using a makeup mirror. In front of my giant mirror. One of those ones with a magnifying mirror on one side and a circular light that goes all around?

The mirror I've been using is fine. There is nothing wrong with it. I bought it for a decent price, the mirror is a nice size and the light is diffuse enough to apply makeup without any crazy shadows. It's especially reasonable when you compare it to this makeup mirror which I kept glancing at when I was shopping for my mirror. I swear the decimal point should be 2 spaces to the left. Or else it secretly comes with Bobbi Brown or Sarah Lucero to apply my makeup every morning? No? Hmmm....

There are pretty much no intermediate options between that $2000 mirror at Frontgate and my $40 Conair mirror from Target. I had been hoping for adjustable height, "natural" full spectrum light... no such luck. It turns out I was looking in the wrong places!

I'm now using a new mirror from Verilux which is a step up from my old Conair mirror, but not plated in diamonds like the one from Frontgate. The mirror is definitely heavy duty, the metal is fairly thick and the mirror itself weighs quite a bit. The mirror is round (rather than the oval I had before), but big enough to do my makeup easily. The height is adjustable by a few inches and the mirror flips back and forth between normal and 10x magnification.

But, the real upgrade is the lighting. You can see in the picture above that there is a notable difference even in a quick snapshot. The Conair mirror I was using before had lights that were fine, but once I tried out the Verilux I noted a big difference. My makeup looked more true to life (don't you hate doing your makeup only to discover something looks crazy much later?), and I swear you can see every. single. little. thing. My husband actually called the magnification side dangerous, you can sit there and see every small clogged pore or out of place hair! It really is amazing.

So, I love my new mirror. I recommend using the magnification side with caution. My makeup looks better since using the normal side. All for dramatically less than $2000!

Verilux Full Spectrum Mirror


Anonymous said...

CostCo has a beauty mirror that is totally amazing AND something cheap like $20! I almost want to buy one as a backup. They only have them out during the holidays. Check it out if you are cheaper than cheap, like me :)

Courtney said...

One time in Bed Bath and Beyond, my husband was legitimately shocked at how excited I was about a mirror where I could see every pore.

G. said...

I was looking for a vanity mirror, but couldn't make my mind up. Thanks for the review, I think I might put the Verilux in my x-mas wishlist :).

Jaime Leah said...

That close up is dangerous for me! I couldn't imagine spending $2000 to examine my every flaw. I'm lucky enough to have natural light in my bathrooms since both have skylights.

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