MAC's Mascara X:

Here is what MAC's website says about this mascara:
Creamy formula builds glossy, natural-looking volume. Quickly coats lashes from root to tip. Keeps them light and flexible. The soft fibres of the football-shaped brush deliver maximum payoff. No smudging.

So, I really want to like this mascara. So much so that I keep using it over and over (probably used it for a good week a half after taking pics and writing most of this review, hoping I was wrong), but really it's a no go.

I like the brush of this mascara quite a bit. It easily grabs lashes for application, I don't have to push the mascara on to my lashes nor did I have issues with clumping. Really, it gives good volume that is natural looking, adds a bit of length and I love the look. Right after application.

About the 10-12 hour mark, things just seem to go down-hill fast. I develop flakes and smudges, which you can't see in the pic above because the mess is actually down on my cheekbone and then below. Strange. I also lose volume and length. It just looks... blah. Like I slept in my makeup, but I haven't been to bed yet.

So, I like this mascara for short time periods. More than that and I'd search for a different mascara to wear.

MAC Mascara X


  1. I've never been a huge fan of MAC mascara but I don't need something that last for more than 10 hours so I might give this one a go. I couldn't help but reapply mascara before that point anyway.

    Drug of Choice Beauty

  2. That is such a bummer... I like your lashes though... they are so long... while mine is sooo sparse. lol! I agree... other mascaras are worth more than this one.

  3. Reena, I have had aaaahmaazing results from Revitalash! My lashes weren't very long but this has really made a huge difference. I no longer use it every night, I'm about every other night or so just to maintain. Really, it is worth the money! I'm about to reorder it.


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