MAC Glitter and Ice Mineralize Eye Shadows: Frozen Blue and Winterized

MAC holiday is always amazing and this year is no exception. The mineralize eye shadows, as usual, are almost too pretty to use. I just want to look at them in all of their shiny yumminess in the packaging.
The shadows I have are really pretty in swatches, though I did find that Frozen Blue was a bit hard to use. Small amounts worked best for me, it was just too blue overall and tended to take over. My Winterized looked very different than the on-line images over at MAC, with quite a bit more pink/burgundy. It was more neutral than I thought it would be, though still dark so I've been using it at the lash line and as an accent at my outer corner/crease.

I think the best buys for me are the more neutral and every day wearable Snow Season and Hold that Pose! I found some great swatches over at Vampy Varnish.

What do you think? Could you pull off the grey-blue shimmer of Frozen Blue?

MAC Glitter and Ice Mineralize Eye Shadows


Cara said...

I would say lash line as a liner, or for the blue, a pop in the corner of eyes (towards the nose) and bottom linner would be a fun holiday look! Unfort not all of their special releases are all that practical, fun but not very practical!

Anonymous said...

I love the Frozen Blue but wonder if it'd be harder to use on my darker skin...hmmm...lately I've been trying makeovers on to see what colors might look good.

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