Lippie Love: MAC Eloquent Air, What is that Silver Lipstick For??

I get a lot of free product and I simply can’t store it, use it, or even stand to look at all of it. So, I give things away to friends (I would donate items if I could find a local charity/shelter that was ok with accepting used products. 1 swatch=used.)

So, imagine my friends gathering around big plastic bins of products about 2x a year. There are always a few strangely colored MAC lipsticks that are still around at the end of everyone’s mad grabbing. No one knows what do do with them. Personally, these were always the colors that I was most likely to keep from a collection!

The strange purples, greens and silvers that MAC releases are typically very sheer. Which makes them perfect for layering over other lippies to change things up!

I tried to take a few pics of this silver on my lips or my arm, but really there wasn’t anything showing up. So, I layered it over the red Such Flare! that I recently featured. You can see that the color is definitely cooler toned, almost pink, with a very pretty subtle silver shimmer.

This color is definitely worth checking out. Maybe a great holiday gift or stocking stuffer?

MAC Cosmetics



  1. December 11, 2011 / 6:36 am

    Yes me to I am now kicking my self in the tail in I could of bought the collection on the pre sale and I passed cause I was waiting for the Blockbuster pre sale by Estee Lauder and Dior now I am wishing I would of got these lippies..

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