Laura Mercier's Luxe Eye Portfolio: The Gift to Buy Yourself

Admit it. If you're anything like me, when you start shopping for holiday gifts, it is nearly impossible to resist picking a few things up for yourself. Maybe that "should" end up on your Christmas list, but you might be a bit worried that something will sell out before your hubby or sister-in-law can pick it up for you? And maybe you want to use it throughout the holiday season?

That is so me. I always end up buying a few of the special holiday beauty releases. This is the first one you should check out for yourself. I gasped in amazement when I opened it. This palette is amazing. The brushes are perfect. I will use it for years to come. I'm going to tell all of my friends to rush out and buy one, this baby will sell out fast!

Read on to see my pics and swatches of Laura Mercier's Luxe Eye Portfolio.

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This palette includes 12 large shadows, some of which are classic Laura colors (that Morning Dew shade pops up a lot, but it really is a basic shade that helps you pull everything together), and some are brand new.

• Rich Sienna – luster finish - new, exclusive
• Morning Dew – matte finish – inline
• Black Coffee – matte finish - new, exclusive
• Rosewood – luster finish - new, exclusive
• Pink Crystal – sequin finish – inline
• Sable – sateen finish – inline
• Royal Gold – luster finish – new, exclusive
• African Violet – luster finish – inline
• Mica – luster finish – exclusive
• Golden Cream – luster finish – new, exclusive
• Fig – sateen finish – new, exclusive
• Sparkling Night – sateen finish – new, exclusive

3 Travel Brushes are included. They are a bit longer than the MAC travel brushes offered this time of year and the bristles on them are very soft.
• Ponytail
• Crease
• Smudge

• Rich Sienna – luster finish, I still can't decide quite how to describe this color. A little bit brown, a little bit coppery.... it's very pretty. Perfect for those with warm tones in their coloring.
• Morning Dew – matte finish, I've found myself reaching for this shade for my "everyday" look over and over already. It is just a touch darker and more peach than my skin, which makes it perfect for use all over my lid, on the browbone... you name it! I've been pairing it with everything. I think I'll need to buy a single shadow of this.
• Black Coffee – matte finish, this is a simple rich, dark and matte black. I love using shades like this with a stiff brush as a liner or simply over liner. Also a must have for smokey eyes!

• Rosewood – luster finish, similar to Rich Sienna, but a bit lighter and brighter as well as heavier on the copper.
• Pink Crystal – sequin finish, I was surprised by this color as I expected it to come across as the mid-tone dusty pink you see in the palette. Instead, it is lighter and brighter with less coverage. Really, it comes across as a light pink wash with some great shimmer over it. Perfect as an accent shade!
• Sable – sateen finish, again a color that I've been reaching for over and over! This is a brownish-pewter with subtle shimmer that is beautiful. I've been using it on the outer corner of my eye for a rich smokey look that works for every day.

• Royal Gold – luster finish, a bit more gold that I would prefer, though I've found that this works well as a pop of color in the center of my lid or inner half and then blended with more neutral shades.
• African Violet – luster finish, a bit more pink than I had expected, this color would be great in a gradient for a grey-purple smokey eye.
• Mica – luster finish, This shade is closer to the Pink Crystal than I had expected. It is grey in the background, though that is fairly translucent. I mostly picked up a lot of very pretty silver shimmer.

• Golden Cream – luster finish, this I've been using when Royal Gold is included in my look. Great for my brow bone.
• Fig – sateen finish, a pinkish-purple
• Sparkling Night – sateen finish, this one is deceiving since all of the pics I took of it made it look lighter in the palette than it really is in person. This is pretty dark, though there is blue and purple in it. Great for a smokey eye!

Laura Mercier's Luxe Eye Portfolio, $98


Gothic Gleek said...

i would never EVER pay that much for something like that. but it doas look like a really nice eyeshadow :)

Courtney said...

I like when collections mix matte and shimmers. I hate palettes that have all shimmers or all mattes.

These look great!

Reena said...

ooohhh my the colors are amazing and the brushes are fantastic! thanks for the heads up!

krishie123 said...

the colours are really amazing, but seems way to expensive.

have a look at my blog i would love to know what you think!

April said...

It is a gorgeous palette with an amazing variety of colors, but I could never justify spending that much money on just one item or palette - even with the brushes included. :(

skeetybee said...

It looks to be a gorgeous palette with amazing colors, but I could never justify paying that much for one palette/item - even though brushes are included. :(

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