Laura Mercier's Kohl Eye Pencil Set

I'm seriously loving all of the Laura Mercier holiday sets this year. This set of 5 pencils is amazing. This is the set I'd pick for a friend. They'll be reaching for these pencils day after day!

The pencils are all full sized and in the best selling shades Laura Mercier offers. The pencils apply easily and smoothly to the lash line, and they can be very easily smudged initially after application, but not so much later on. The pencils are formulated so you can wear them on the inner rim of your eye as well.

• Black Violet: black purple charcoal
• Stormy Grey: charcoal grey
• Black Navy: black with navy pearl
• Black Gold: black with gold pearl
• Brown Copper: shimmering brown

I can not help myself and keep reaching for these pencils day after day. I especially like to switch it up a bit and use one of these special colors on my lower lid while my upper lid is black or dark brown. They don't scream "look at me, I'm wearing gold liner"! But, your eyes look different and definitely more special than plain black or brown.

Serious love.

$45 Laura Mercier Limited Edition Kohl Eye Pencil Set

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