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I received a phone call yesterday from a PR rep about something different. Something not my usual "did you see the new anti-aging skin care line I emailed you about?" phone call. This does somewhat relate to the Create Jobs for America initiative between BlogHer and Starbucks.

Slavery Footprint was developed by Justin Dillon, president of Call + Response, a non-profit dedicated to ending slavery, in collaboration with the State Department’s Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons. It is based on an idea conceived by the Office’s director, Ambassador Luis CdeBaca.

"There are more people living in slavery today – an estimated 27 million people – than at any other time in human history – but until now it’s been hard to comprehend just how many aspects of our everyday lives are dependent upon forced labor" said Dillon of Call + Response. "Slavery Footprint shows consumers their own personal connection to slavery and hopefully inspires them to take action. This isn't about name and blame – it's about consumers and producers working together to help end slavery."

While major brands continue to address issues like sweatshops in developing nations, many companies still do not know where the supplies come from for their products, such as the cotton in a shirt, the tantalum in a smart phone, or beans in coffee. Since forced labor is rampant in many of these vast supply chains, this initiative aims to get consumers to determine their own “slavery footprint” and encourage brands to audit their supply chains.

So, the idea is that you should go and take the on-line survey (it is a fun little app that will take you all of 5 minutes, I promise!) and answer questions about your life. Answer as fully as you can and be honest!

It is amazing how fast you add up slaves. I went into each area to refine my responses, though I tried to answer for myself and not my household. My home is too large to fit into the responses (I have a lot of bathrooms). I don't even have that many electronics: a smartphone, laptop, Kindle.... no iPad, only 1 DVD player...

So, now I'm a bit more aware. I was already trying to buy American more often, I think I'll concentrate on that a bit more. Look into the companies mentioned on the website... Things like that.

Slavery Footprint


  1. Yikes.. Mine was "57" and most of it was attributed to my closet. I live pretty simply, I have two (very old) cars, a small house, not too many gadgets.. but I do hoard clothes, shoes, and accessories - some of them years and years old - so my numbers for that section were high ;[

    This definitely makes you think twice about what you purchase and where you buy it from. Great post!

  2. Thanks for posting this.

    I have 35 slaves and I am an abolitionist!

    It is always good to consider the source of what we buy for our own comfort.


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