bareMinerals Bare Luxury 8-piece Collection: Everything You Need In a Cute Gold Clutch!

I'm so excited to share this new bareMinerals Bare Luxury set with you! It has everything you need for 2 different holiday looks, a few great brushes and even a shiny gold clutch! It's a perfect gift for yourself or someone you love.

It has a ton of stuff in one set, for an amazing price, quite a few of the products are brand new or new shades. Plus, today it is Today's Special Value over on QVC, which means that it is even cheaper for a short time!

• bareMinerals READYTM Eyeshadow 2.0 The Phenomenon in golden iris (prismatic lavender) and azure iris (illumination amber)
• Marvelous Moxie Lipglosses in wild one (peach tone) and dare devil (berry sorbet)
• Rose Gold Radiance All-Over Face Color
• Round the Clock Eyeliners in 10 PM (burnished mocha) and noon (deepest navy)
• Full tapered Shadow Brush and Flawless Face Application Brush
• Luxe gold clutch

Read on to get a closer look at what is included in the set and see swatches of the colors.

While not quite the same size as a full sized brush (I don't have "regular" bareMinerals brushes, I mean just regular brushes in general), these brushes really are a very good size.

They aren't skimpy by any stretch of the imagination. The eye shadow brush is a great size for a light wash of color or blending shadows. The Flawless Face brush is either a really big blush brush, or really just the perfect size for the All-Over Face Color to be applied with a light hand. I'll definitely be reaching for it frequently for the all over color or a bronzer. The bristles are very soft, color doesn't stick unevenly to them (don't you hate when that happens?) and I had no issues with bristles being loose, though obviously I just got this set!

The lip glosses really are amazing. They have pretty shimmer, feel pretty hydrating and minimally sticky. But really, I just love the colors! I haven't had a chance to take a good picture while wearing the shades yet (it's pretty light out today, I might post pics later if my baby girl takes a good nap), but the Dare Devil color is definitely going to be one of my new go-to shades! This mid-berry tone looks amazing with my pale skin, because it really does show up. I also really liked the applicator for the glosses. It is a felted tip, but while the tip is a little bit flattened, the biggest thing is that it is actually angled. This makes precise application really easy!

I've only had the chance to wear 10 pm once (I have a ton of new eye liners to play with!), but I really loved it! This brown has some very pretty shimmer. BareMinerals' description as a burnished mocha sounds pretty accurate to me. The shimmer is enough to make things look special, like you aren't just wearing brown, but not so out there that people will look at you crazy. I found the liner very easy to apply. It doesn't tug at all and just leaves a clear line of liner. It was easy to smudge immediately, though set up pretty quickly. It did last all day without much smudging, though it was one of those days with itchy eyes so I had a bit since I was rubbing.

The Rose Gold Radiance is a new shade, so you don't have it yet in your bareMinerals collection. It is a pretty universally flattering color, though it was more pigmented than I though an all over color like this would be, this swatch is a very small amount spread on my arm with my fingertip. If you do plan on using it all over to help add a bit of color to your face, I would use a light hand and a very large brush. It would work very well as a blush as well, which is likely how I'll be using it.

Note that this color came in a small canister as a loose powder, though the canister was opened by pulling out a plastic plug to open the holes to allow product out. I kept the little plug and it was easily reinserted. So, it should be easy to travel with!

Finally, the shadows! I found the Azure Iris to be a very pretty light lilac color, slightly more pigmented than a very similar shade I had by Lorac a few years ago. That I used until I hit pan. I've already worn this as a light wash on my lids, it was so pretty! While described as "illuminated", I found it to be a matte shade. The Golden Iris has a bit more depth with some slight golden shimmer. It's very pretty but not "too much" shimmer, which I really liked. It's an easy one to use in a huge number of eye looks, but it looks great alone with the 10 pm eye liner as well.

The shadows are a bit powdery, meaning with normal brushing I thought I picked up a bit more powder than I'm used to getting. However, the shadows were well pigmented, blended easily and did last all day without creasing or disappearing.

bareMinerals Bare Luxury 8-piece Collection

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Sweet As Honey Blog said...

I love the color of the Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in dare devil.

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