Win It! Bobbi Brown's Pretty Powerful Palette

Earlier today I shared a little bit of info with you about Bobbi Brown's Pretty Powerful Campaign. Lucky for us, the great people over at Bobbi Brown have offered to sponsor a contest!

To celebrate feeling powerful, I need you to tell me what makes you feel powerful. We all have something. It can be pretty much anything, but it needs to make you feel like a more amazing, powerful and better version of yourself.

For me, there are 2 things that make me feel powerful, here's why!

Great Lashes: They just make me feel girly and like "myself" Without mascara I honestly feel incomplete. I had a big issue this time last year with my lashes: I tried to test a new lash serum for the blog and about half of my lashes fell out! They took months to recover. It was pretty devastating, just putting mascara on each morning was depressing. My lashes are currently longer and more lush than ever and my confidence has really picked up!

Dark Polish: I'm a long time polish fanatic (I have about 700 or so in my collection), but for years I only dared wear pinks/nudes to work. Finally about 5 years ago I wore OPI's Lincoln Park after Midnight to the hospital. There were comments made by some of the other doctors, one of my favorites, a neonatologist, in particular kept calling it black and goth. However, I ignored their comments and wore it anyways. A few days later he apologized and said he did like the look, and his wife was now wearing it too! This made me much more comfortable with just being myself and pushing the envelope a little bit. I'm not over the top at work (who wants their kid's ICU doctor to be really crazy looking?), but I'm not afraid to let a little of my own personality shine through!

Now it is your turn to let me know what makes you feel powerful! The winner will be chosen by the best wording of their response via twitter, so you'll need to be careful with those character counts! The prize is the Pretty Powerful palette seen above, courtesy of Bobbi Brown!

To enter, you'll need to be following me via Twitter (the winner is contacted via Twitter DM, which I can only send you if you're following me, so make sure to follow), and then you'll need to tweet me! It's best if you do this via the form below, then I'll have a backup way of contacting the winner as well. In your tweet you'll need to tweet me (@15minbeauty), using the hashtag #prettypowerful, and tell me what makes you feel powerful.

You can tweet me once a day, you have until Friday at noon! Then I'll look at my Twitter feed and select the best worded response as the winner. You must be over 18 and in the US to win.

Clarification: You can remove the address of the contest post, it automatically goes in there but takes up most of your characters! You need to include @15minbeauty and #prettypowerful in the post, they make it so I can track your tweets. Only those entries that I can track this way with my twitter feed are eligible. Don't forget to follow me, if I can't DM you when you win, you'll be disqualified!

Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful

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