Verve Firm Commitment: Extra Anti-Oxidant Punch for Your Anti-Aging Skin Care Regimen

Verve was released over the summer, and I've been trying it (somewhat on and off) since that time. The line was developed with a high amount of anti-oxidants to help prevent aging. As well, doesn't it seem like all of the derm developed lines contain a high SPF with broad spectrum UV coverage? You get that here as well.

Three-in-One Daily Protection Lotion
According the Verve, this bottle contains as much anti-oxidant power as 500 (!) cups of green tea. As well, it helps to fight sun damage with broad spectrum UV coverage (the anti-oxidants do that as well) and helps to moisturize.

This product is meant to be an all inclusive product for the morning. Sure is hard to skip your daily sunscreen when it is included in your moisturizer, isn't it?

This lotion is a tad thicker than many daily lotions, but isn't anywhere near creme territory. It is an off white color and definitely has a sunscreen scent. The smell does go away after application, but I think this is pretty much a universal trait of all products with Avobenzone, there's no way around it. The lotion does sink in pretty well, though there is a light sunscreen residue.

I initially tried out this product during the summer, and I was having quite a bit of issue with the leftover residue on my skin. I had some problems applying thick liquid foundations over it (they required a little extra time to blend), but a lighter consistency foundation had no problems. I decided to wait until the weather cooled off and my skin (which is combination) turned a bit drier. This did the trick- I had less residue (though still just a small amount, again I think this is unavoidable with Avobenzone) and I was able to apply pretty much anything over it without an issue. So, I'd say this lotion works best for those with normal to dry skin, in my oilier summer state it wasn't ideal.

Note that this lotion complies with all of my pregnancy safe skin care requirements, which is hard to find. I'm very conservative with the ingredients I'll expose my baby to, so I use those as my criteria for "pregnancy safe." This is definitely the highest SPF lotion of the ones I'd use during pregnancy, so check it out if you're fair or live in a sun belt area.

SPF 45

Other ingredients:
• Caffeine: This is actually #2 on the ingredient list (I've never seen it that high!) and caffeine does provide a temporary tightening effect.

Antioxidant Face Moisturizer
I used this light creme as a nighttime facial moisturizer during the summer, though it is light enough that I could probably use it as a morning moisturizer in the winter when my skin is drier. It has almost no scent and feels very hydrating as it is applied. With the added moisturizing ingredients over the lotion, it is definitely more hydrating, but it sinks into skin fairly quickly and there is no residue left behind. I have had no problems applying makeup over it this fall, though it is too hydrating for me to do this during the summer.

Other ingredients: Squalene, Glycerin, Ceramides, CoEnzyme Q10, Urea

Verve Skin Care is available at Futuristic Beauty

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