Trish McEvoy Golden Bronzer

I harp on and on about how super pale I am. Really, I am very pale. Really pale. But not the good pale, a'la Nicole Kidman or Julianne Moore. No, this is the pale that needs to be brightened up a tad, lest I look ill.

I tend to do most of my brightening up with a MAC beauty powder, since they're so sheer the light pink isn't very obvious. I veer away from most bronzers since they make me look orange or like I forgot to wash my face. For the last week or so I've been in love with this bronzer from Trish McEvoy.

This bronzer is matte, without a sparkle of glitter in sight (thank goodness!) and when applied with a light hand I can't see any of the usual tell tale "I am wearing bronzer" color. Instead, I just look like I slept well. I've been using Trish's #62 Fan Brush to apply, though if you wanted a heavier application I'd go for #37 the Bronzer Brush.

Trish McEvoy Bronzer


Anonymous said...

way 2 b trish

Anonymous said...


I came from Instapundit. I'm a guy and am not very pretty, but I'm okay with that.

I don't know why Glenn linked you, but I'm gone. Goodbye.

Jaime Leah said...

You and me both sistah! I always wished I had skin like Liv Tyler but I have freckles and uneveness not Arwen's pretty complexion!

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