Pantene Breakage to Strength: Can Your Hair Suddenly Become Stronger?

Another day, another type of Pantene. Truly, I think this company makes products for pretty much every conceivable hair type/condition/problem. While I’ve tried out Pantene for Colored Hair in the past, I was recently asked to try out another form as well. I went for Medium-Thick, since that is my hair type. I was sent the Breakage to Strength products to try out.

The basic idea is that that fine hair likes to lie there aligned with itself, not really moving as much or rubbing. Medium/Thick hair is different. The cuticle is more likely to not be fully down, and then the hair shafts are also more prone to rubbing together with every little movement of your head. The end result isn’t great: the damage to those little cuticle scales really can add up and the result is weaker hair that isn’t as shiny and breaks much more easily.

To help combat this issue, Pantene created this duo. They contain “Anti-Breakage Complex to help moisturize and strengthen hair against damage from root to tip. The formula reduces the friction by smoothing out the cuticle edges. Hair is revitalized and left strong against future damage.” So, basically there is something that coats your hair, protecting your cuticles from being damaged from all of this friction. Therefore, hair is protected, cuticles are actually present, hair breaks less and looks more healthy because it actually is more healthy. See how that works?

Overall, the experience of using this duo isn’t all that different from other Pantene products that I’ve used. There’s a good lather with the shampoo. Both products have a nice floral, perfume scent that I love in the shower but doesn’t linger all day to mess up my perfume. They both rinse off easily without that squeeky clean thing that makes me cringe (I just imagine that my hair is turning to straw since everything has been stripped off, not a good feeling).

The end result is that my hair feels very hydrated. I have to be careful to only put the conditioner on the very ends of my hair, any higher than the distal 1/3 and everything is weighed down and flat. If I keep the conditioner to those bits, everything is soft, shiny and looks great! Styling my hair is easy and I have noticed few split ends. Is it the Pantene? I’m not sure, but it could be.



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  1. October 16, 2011 / 12:29 am

    I find that Pantene leaves my hair silky smooth but it also leaves a film that I can't seem to stop obsessing over. It really makes my hair feel dirty. Then again I use so much that it could be that too.

    Drug of Choice Beauty

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