OPI My Address is Hollywood

OPI My Address is Hollywood, nail polish, swatch, picture
I was disappointed in this pink. It took 4 thick coats to reach opaque and it took forever to dry properly. You can see that I have marks in the finish from sheets. I did my mani in the afternoon, those are from bed that night!



Gaelle- The Make up Fairy said...

Shame about the application as the colour is beautiful

thingsyoushoulddo@hotmail.com said...

Wow! That had to be frustrating...to do your nails and then several hours later they still aren't fully dry. It's pretty nailpolish, but I want something that dries quickly.

Sharon said...

UHHH i hate marks from the bed sheets... it's so annoying. All the hard work applying and waiting for the polish to dry all gets ruined.


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