Johnson’s Baby Challenge Week #3

Time for a quick update on my Johnson’s Baby Skin Care Challenge. If you remember, I’m using a few Johnson’s Baby products over a 4 week period to see if there are any changes in my skin and how I like the products.

I’m still using the Baby Oil constantly to remove lipsticks as I continue my Lippie Love series. This stuff really is amazing. The lipstick just melts off. No residue, no scrubbing, it takes only a few seconds. It is pretty amazing. I’ve started applying Gel Baby Oil twice a day to my hands and cuticles to amp up my moisture. I’m feeling hydrated but not dry and cracked. So far, I call that a success!

I’m having less success with the Body Wash. I’ve said before that it is a nice body wash- it lather well, seems to get me clean and rinses easily. But, it is less hydrating than my old stand-by from Olay. This does seem to be balanced out by the increase in moisture that I’m seeing with Creamy Oil Cocoa & Shea Butter instead of my Cetaphil cream. However, I don’t think I’ll be using the body wash after completing my trial.

I have one more week! Stay tuned to see what I think after my full four weeks.

Johnson’s Baby


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