Buxom Lash Review

With my newly lengthened (via Revitalash) eyelashes, I’ve been having some extra problems due to clumping and just tangled lashes. Yes, I just said tangled. I know, I know, I should be counting my lucky stars lashes, right? Well, I am, but I’ll just say that I’m much more appreciative of molded plastic mascara wands that I ever was before. They really do help to separate out my lashes and prevent them from becoming a big tangled mess.

The brush on this Buxom mascara is a perfect example of a great molded brush: the bristles are spaced a little bit further apart, they do vary a little in length (which helps to pick up a few little stragglers on either end of my lash line) and it holds just the right amount of product. I don’t have to really work to get the mascara on my lashes, nor do I have to fight to keep my lashes separated. I think it adds great length and volume.

The thing that I’m not quite as happy about is the staying power of this mascara. While I have no smudging or flaking issues, somehow it does just seem to disappear at the end of a long day. I didn’t mess up and accidentally put a no mascara picture above in the “that night” spot. It seems as if the mascara disappears when worn over about the 12 hour mark. I still have some length but definitely lose definition and volume.

Buxom Lash


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  1. November 1, 2011 / 8:07 am

    You know I love this mascara. It might actually be too much for casual days because it makes my lashes look extreme. I kinda like that it's gone at the 12 hour mark so lazy me doesn't have to wash it off at night but I never noticed that before.

    Drug of Choice Beauty

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