Whish Shave Crave: A Cream to Save Your Skin?

Whish Shave Cream, Gel, Review
First, I have to fully admit that I’ve used this product many times in the past, but not written about it. I have gotten samples at blogging events over the years and I think I’ve had samples sent to me to review a few times as well. It hasn’t appeared on the blog previously because I really wasn’t sure how I felt about it. You’ll see why in a bit.

Whish’s shave cream looks more like a moisturizer than a shaving product when you look at the ingredient list. You’ll see ingredients like squalene, shea butter and even raspberry butter. The product is the consistency of a thick body lotion and it feels just like one as well. It doesn’t really whip itself up or foam or do any of the typical things that us lather obsessed consumers are used to and expect from a shave product. Instead, it just looks and feels like a body lotion that is sitting on top of the skin.

Using this product is definitely hydrating. It feels much better post-shave than many other shaving products in terms of hydration. Love this part, especially during the winter when I’m scrambling to keep every bit of moisture in my skin that I can.

Here is the part that I’m not really sure about. All of that added moisture comes at a bit of a price. All the hydrating ingredients do make it easy for this product to get gunked up in my razor. I’m not such a big fan of that. I like being able to just shave both legs and then worrying about rinsing out my razor. With Whish I rinse after each swipe and still have a few issues. By the end of the shave I can barely see the razor’s blades they are so gunked up with shave cream and hair. I do wonder if part of the issue is my shower head- I have one of those really big “rain” style shower heads, so I don’t have very high pressure to rinse everything out of the blades. I don’t have a problem with any other shave product, only Whish. It also seems to be unrelated to new or old razor blades, length of time since last shave, etc.

The end result of using Whish is a clean shave with well hydrated skin. So, the result is great. I just am not quite sure about the razor clogging.

Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream


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  1. September 24, 2011 / 10:01 pm

    I've had this issue before when I used body oil to shave I think it was. I hate that, it's so annoying. It definitely prevents me from buying this product.

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