Sean Jean Empress: For the Royalty in All of Us?

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I've always been a bit perplexed by P Diddy. His new fragrance is described as a crisp, fruity floral. Is meant to exude "female royalty and feminine strength" (as a crisp fruity floral?), and when I use the fragrance it is a bit more... spicy? I truly haven't been able to figure it out, but on me, this fragrance is all CARDAMON!!! I AM CARDAMON, COME AND SMELL ME!!! And yes, the caps really were necessary.

Top Notes: Key Lime Pie Accord, Mandarin Star Fruit, Cranberry
Middle Notes: Raspberry, Peony, Passion Flower, Cardamom, Ambrette Seed
Base Notes: Vanilla, Sandalwood, Crystallized Caramel and Second Skin Accord

So, initially, I had a little bit of cranberry and something sweeter, I believe the raspberry, with a ton of cardamon. After the dry down, which seemed a bit long at roughly an hour on me, the peony came out a little bit to help balance the cardamon (which was still somewhat screaming "CARDAMON!" though at about 75% volume) and the whole thing was grounded with the Vanilla.

While I'm making a bit of a big deal about the strength of the Cardamon, I actually did like it. It was a spicy fruity combo that I haven't really had before, and would be great for going out at night. I can't really picture myself wearing this every day to work or running errands. It was a forward, sexy fragrance but fun at the same time.

Sean Jean Empress

Note that I did use a lab sample of the fragrance for my review, so perhaps that is the reason I had so much cardamon (though in my experience the lab samples are the same as the retail fragrance). As well, it could be that my personal chemistry just reacted a bit strangely to the fragrance.

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