Pure Fiji Coconut Milk Shower Gel: A Quick Visit To The South Pacific

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Sooo... I am a bit late with this Saturday's post. Um, because it is Sunday? Oops! Well, baby Megan had to meet her Uncle Greg yesterday, so that was more important. So, I'll share this great shower find with you today!

I get a lot of questions about whether a product is sulfate or preservative free. It is a little hard to find a good soap product that is truly free of sulfates. Most products in the US use a sulfate as the main surfactant (aka- soap molecule) and there is often a second surfactant used just to make more bubbles. Us Americans, we love bubbles. Frequently the bubbles have absolutely nothing to do with the cleansing power, but bubbles make us happy. So, I always mention the level of bubbles, but it is pretty rare that I'm able to say a body wash or shampoo is sulfate free. And if it is sulfate free usually that means that the body wash doesn't clean well or doesn't have a good lather.

Well, here we have a body wash without sulfates. Without preservatives. In fact, it is mostly derived from coconuts and sugar cane. I tried out the coconut scent, which was faintly coconut but mostly just a subtle tropical scent. The later was amazing, it actually cleaned me and was very easy to rinse off.

Pure Fiji

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