Naturally Curly: My No-Poo Starting Point

I'm sure if you've spent much time (or really any time) reading about beauty or hair on-line, you've heard about "no-poo" or seen people asking about sulfates or 'cones in a hair product. Why do they care? What is this no-poo business? Are these people really not using shampoo on their hair?? Have they become oily, dirty smelly people and why would they do that to themselves on purpose?

I admit to wondering about this technique for years. My hair was super straight growing up. I remember nights spent on foam rollers, only to have curls that would last about 6 hours. Curling irons.... not so much help. About 5 or 6 years ago I noticed something. My hair suddenly had a bit of wave when it was wet. It was amazing! The curls I had always coveted growing up were coming to life on my head!

Well, maybe not so much. My hair is much wavier now, this is what it looks like when I've used a little gel, scrunched my hair and then allowed it to air dry. Actually, this is a tad straighter than my "wavy" hair, I took these pics at the end of a long day with a baby pulling on it.

About 2 weeks ago, I purchased Curly Girl: The Handbook for a whopping $8.01 from Amazon. It even comes with a DVD! The book is easy to read with helpful pics. Everything you need to know about caring for curly hair. From info on the no-poo routine to explicit directions on how to cut your own hair and then style it for special occasions. Seriously, it is all there.

So, my plan is to try this out for myself. I've heard to expect results in any where from 3 weeks to 3 months. Consider this my starting point, I'll update you over the next bit. In addition, I'll share some info about the curly girl method and what I've learned about it. If you're interested in following this yourself, I strongly recommend buying the book.


GerryART said...

Just read your post
then jumped over to Barnes & Noble and bought an e-copy for my NookColor
thanks for the wonderful tip

Jaime Leah said...

I really want to try this. I can't wait to here all about your experience and see if I can do it too.

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