Nano Tech Face and Body Cloths: Wash It All Off. With Water.

Nano Tech Face and Body clothes, review
So, today's product is a tad bit different than my normal review. I don't usually review towels (or pillowcases), though I seem to get a lot of requests. However, I had to try out Nano Tech when I heard that they could remove all of your makeup without any cleanser. Seriously. A wash cloth that negates the need for soap. I had to see for myself if it worked, I could just imagine the amazing space saving possibilities for my 3-1-1 bag!

Read on to learn more about these clothes and see if they really did remove my mascara.

First things first, it really does take pretty much everything off. Here is a Nano Tech cloth after removing my makeup. I fully admit to putting on waterproof eyeliner and mascara just to see if this thing really worked that well.

So, what exactly are these things and how are they different from a regular wash cloth? The fibers are different. You can see all of those little off shoots? You don't feel them (actually, the cloth feels like a very high quality cotton face cloth, it is very soft), but they are there to help really exfoliate and scrub your face. The idea is that they exfoliate off any makeup and face oils, leaving your skin clean and smooth. With or without a cleanser.

So, back to that picture above. I didn't rinse out my Nano Tech between wipes (I was trying for the dramatic picture), but you can really see how much makeup it removed. I used just warm water, and it removed pretty much everything very easily. The only hitch is that you need to be able to rub at something in order to remove it, so I did have a little bit of eyeliner at the base of my lashes (couldn't rub there) and a bit of mascara left on my lashes themselves. I did try using only the Nano Tech for a few days in a row and found that the small amounts left behind were only an issue after about 3 or 4 days when my mascara would be a tad clumped from the residue. Otherwise my skin was smooth and all makeup removed quickly and easily.

To wash and reuse the Nano Tech, simply put them in the enclosed pouch and throw it in the washing machine. They come out good as new!

Nano Tech on Amazon
Nano Tech on HSN


lani said...

These clothes really do work! I ordered them during a late night airing on HSN and was so pleasantly surprised, I ordered 4 more sets off Amazon for xmas gifts.

I’m so glad you have discovered this beauty secret too!

SoozySays said...

I tried this product some months ago and I was IN LOVE with it. When time is an issue (and it always is!!) this cloth does double duty. Takes off the makeup AND it exfoliates. I loved the clean, clean feel of my skin and I can either just go to sleep - or - use my nighttime moisturizers. I know that my skin won't be clogged with dead skin cells. It WORKS. I also saw it on Kathie Lee and Hoda. It is such a simple method and i love that you can wash it and use it over and over.

Christine said...

I thought it was a great alternative to using something like a Biore or Olay face wash cloth at night. I like to use those on days that I'm feeling lazy, but this is better than those and I can use it over and over. The green, hippy environmentally friend girl in me loves that!

Sweet As Honey Blog said...

These are a great idea and very environmentally friendly.

Anonymous said...

I love LOVE these cloths!! Who'da thunk that just water and a "magic" cloth could take every stitch of makeup off of my face! I mean, I can watch tv and not need a mirror to wash my face or even need to be at the sink. I'm helping to save the environment with no more "convenient cleansing cloths" thrown into the trash after one use... i'm saving money because i dont need cleansers anymore AND most inportantly, my hairstyle lasts more than a day because i'm not splashing water on my face to remove soap! WOOHOO!!! These cloths are my forever BFF!

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