Borba Age Defying Daily Hydrator Lotions: Broad Spectrum UV Coverage Every Morning!

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There is a bit of a hole in the skin care market. There really are very few daily moisturizers with broad spectrum UV coverage over SPF 30. I have a hard time coming up with options whenever I am asked for a recommendation. Well, today I have a great recommendation, and it comes in 2 SPF versions: SPF 30 and SPF 100+! (Yes, I know, SPF 100+ will be disappearing thanks to the FDA, but it is there right now).

I know what you're thinking. Borba... don't they make drinks? Yes, they're best known for their drinks that are chock full of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. But, they also have a skin care line. Today we'll be discussing the Age Defying Daily Hydrators, but I've also tried the PMS Skin Rescue 7-Day Treatment System, so watch for a review soon.

So, you want to protect yourself against the sun easily every morning. No one wants skin cancer or early photoaging. I fully believe that the best way to do this is to make it integrated into your skin care routine. Using a different product or adding another step is a great way to introduce excuses. "Well, it isn't that sunny today." (UV radiation penetrates clouds.) "I won't be outside that long." (UVA radiation can penetrate glass, so you aren't safe in your car or next to your office window.) So, making the step impossible to skip... that's a good thing!

This moisturizer has a lot of ingredients that help to fight aging. Obviously, sunscreen. But, Borba has included their "age defying blend" of Acai Berry, Elastin, Flaxseed and Argan Oil. They also include a "nutrient cocktail" of Vitamins A, C, E, B6, B12, niacinimide, Pantothenic Acid, Magnesium and Zinc.

Do all of these ingredients help fight aging when applied topically? Acai Berry is currently a trendy anti-oxidant, and certainly Vitamins A, C, E have anti-oxidant activity as well. I want to point out that really anti-oxidants should be thought of a damage preventors, not aging reversors. The anti-oxidants don't have the ability to reverse the damage that has been done by free radicals, rather they kill off the free radicals before that damage is done.

Elastin is an important component of the dermis. What is interesting about elastin is that while it is found in lower levels in mature skin, its role in aging is not as clear cut as that of collagen. In addition, new elastin is not created in the skin. Per my cosmetic derm textbook, Dr. Leslie Baumann says: "Replacing the elastin component of the ECM has always posed a challenge in skin rejuvenation is very difficult to have elastin pass through human skin, stimulating the dermis to produce elastin may be an
alternative option." So, while elastin is included in this formula, it isn't clear that it would be able to penetrate the skin. Its presence certainly doesn't hurt.

This product is available in SPF 30+ and SPF 100+

So, after all of that info about the ingredients in this lotion, I should probably tell you what it is like. This is a thick white lotion, and it does have a rather strong sunscreen smell during application. I think that is pretty much unavoidable. Fortunately, it seems to dissipate after about 10 minutes. My lotion did come out of the tube with some oily discharge on a few occasions, but this was not consistent between uses.

The moisturizer was hydrating enough for my combination skin without being "too much". It takes a few minutes to sink in, and when it did my face appeared shiny, like there would be sunscreen residue, but I couldn't feel this on my face. I was able to apply makeup over it without an issue. The SPF 100+ felt a little thicker to me, but I had the same results.


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