Alchimie Forever’s Age Defying Serums: A Quick Way to Add Anti-Oxidants to Your Routine

Alchimie Forever's Age Defying Serums
You know that little graphic I put at the bottom of my anti-aging skin care posts? The one with the little checks showing which part of my ideal anti-aging skincare routine this product would cover?

Well, this little product duo is the perfect way to add in a little anti-oxidant.

This duo is one product that has been split in two. I’m not entirely certain why, though I’m sure it has something to do with activity and inactivation or something if mixed together.

Regardless, the little bottles both contain a liquid that feels just like water. They both feel like it too. Just a small amount into the palm of your hand, then pat on your face. Wait about 10 seconds for it to dry/absorb, and then do the second one. I love that they take so little time to apply and absorb, making them almost a non-step in your nightly routine.

In addition to being fast, I can’t even tell that they are on my skin once absorbed, making it easier to move on to adding a night cream. I don’t mind adding a super hydrating night cream when I’m not already goopy.

What exactly is in these things? The first “Diode” contains Rosemary Leaf Extract, which is a well known anti-oxidant. Rosemary has been known to be an irritant, so if you do have any issues with this duo, it is likely the culprit is the Rosemary in Diode #1. Personally, I was fine. Diode #1 also contains Sorbitol, a humectant, which helps draw moisture to the skin surface. This is great for an instant plumping effect, though I did think it was minimal. Diode #2 contains a Green Tea Leaf Extract, another great source of anti-oxidants.

Anti-oxidants won’t suddenly give you amazing, wrinkle free skin. They will help fight reactive oxygen species and the damage that they cause, which means that over time they will fight aging.

Alchimie Forever’s Age Defying Serums


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