Dial Nutriskin: Who Knew They Made Stuff Other Than Soap??

Dial Nutriskin Moisturizer, lotion, review
Dial Nutriskin: Who Knew They Made Stuff Other Than Soap?? Review
I fully admit that I had the best of intentions when I had my Shower Shakeup Week recently. I totally lost steam, and rather than having a few reviews a day for a week I did a lot less and I don't think I even made it a week before I was distracted by pretty eye shadows to blog about. So, I'm going to really try to blog about a 1-2 new shower things a week from now on, which means that the whole "week" in shower shakeup is just wrong. Because I'm just going to do it all the time. Hmmm... time for a new graphic.

Anyways, today's product is one that confused not only me, but a lot of people. Looking at those bottles, with the Dial name on them, what do you think is in there? Body wash? That's what I thought. But no! It is lotion! And, it's a pretty good one too.

Somehow, Dial has managed to make what feels like a light lotion insanely hydrating. It's perfect for summer. The lotion I tried has a cucumber, minty scent that I found really refreshing. The lotion is really very light, but it sinks in to skin immediately with no residue. The end result is super hydrated skin that lasts all day. The lotion includes Vitamins A, C, E and fatty acids.

I'm typically a Cetaphil Cream addict, but I'm definitely keeping this one around for the hottest days of the summer!

Dial Nutriskin Moisturizer

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