Biore Prove It! Take Care of Your Skin to Earn Points and Prizes

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Over on the Bioré Facebook Page there is a fun new program that you'll want to check out! Just "like" Bioré and sign up to get started. By checking in every day, answering skin care questions or entering codes on specially marked packages of pore strips (you know you buy them, we all do), you'll earn points. The points can be turned in to get prizes!

When you sign up you can enter a Blogger Keyword which will earn you an additional 100 points, which is huge! My blogger keyword is "minute". I'm off to start answering questions and collect points, what about you?

Disclosure: If enough of my readers sign up there's a chance I'll win a prize. Likely to happen? Meh, not so much. But, I thought this was cool and I'd share it with everyone anyways!


melodi said...

I entered and used your code :). I don't think I'll accumulate enough points for anything but at least maybe you'll win something!

Christine said...

Yeah, I didn't realize before how many points you'd need to get something. 100 points when you could get 10 or so for answering the daily questions sounds great, but it will take a while to get some free strips. Still worth a shot thought!

Aesthetic LA said...

I heard about this through your post and am so glad I did! I use Biore nose strips once a week. Like the previous commenters, yes, it does take a while to earn points, but it takes five seconds to answer a daily question while you are checking FB anyhow. Plus, from what it seems, this Biore Rewards Points system will be continuing into next year. Also, you get some 500 points or so for every Biore purchase. At some point, I'll be getting a free box of strips! :-)

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