Betsy Johnson’s Too Too: Not Even Released and I Can’t Resist It!

Last week, Betsy Johnson celebrated the launch of her new fragrance, Too Too. The fragrance (which is coming out in October) just sounds amazing!

Betsy Johnson's Too Too

The fragrance is deliberately enticing, boisterous and youthful, using key fruity and floral notes. The vibrant scent is comprised of sweet passion fruit, sparkling mandarins, ginger, and strawberry leaves spun together with an underlying delicate must that suggests femininity and warmth. To round it out, jasmine, bulgarian rose, patchouli, sandalwood, and vanilla add just the right touch of sweetness and radiance.

Betsy Johnson definitely knows how to have fun, and the perfume, the bottle and even the launch event all seem to go along with that. I love the bottle. Betsy says, “I thought that if I ever did my own perfume I would do that bottle. I wanted to connect it to my work from yesterday and today.” I love that it features her trademark pink, with a tutu!

I may have been swayed in posting about this because of the cupcakes. Love them!


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