Philips Bikini Perfect

Philips Bikini Perfect
Yesterday I shared the Schick Quattro Trim Style, which is one big honkin' razor with a bikini trimmer. Yes, I used the word honkin'. And for the second day in a row I'm covering a topic that I usually avoid because... Well, because my dad sometimes reads my blog. Dad, go away, you are still supportive. Go grill some meat or something, Andy and I need more dinner ideas.

Everyone who is not my dad can read on for more about this trimmer.

So yes, yesterday I discussed a bikini trimmer. It works, and lots of people have it (Cindy from Prime Beauty even tweeted me about it, she likes it because it works), but today I want to tell you about a little gadget that will blow the Trim Style out of the water.

For a little over a year, I've been using the Bliss Bikini Perfect Trimmer by Philips. Philips has just released the exact same trimmer without the Bliss branding/products, so it comes in at a lower price point ($59 vs $69). Same trimmer, just cheaper.

Anyways, I bought the Bliss one at Target about a year ago and this thing is amazing. It has this huge selection of attachments, is rechargeable and can be used in water. It is more powerful than the Trim Style, so it takes a lot less time to use.


  1. I have had this trimmer for a few years now and LOVE it. The attachment that rips the hair out still scares me though.

  2. the new comment box! So now I am thinking I should have bought this trimmer instead. Hmmmm. I must consult you first next time.


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