Mark Min-A-Real Foundation

As part of my on-going life goal of being able to fit everything I need into a 3-1-1 bag and travel with carry on luggage only, I gave the new Mark Creme foundation a whirl.

The product is a cream to powder foundation that promises medium coverage and easy application. I tried out Nude, slightly dark for me, though the formula was somewhat forgiving since it didn’t look like it was a shade too dark once bended out.

The compact has a decent sized mirror filling the top, underneath is a round cosmetic sponge for application. I love that the area underneath is actually rather large, you could replace that sponge with your own if you wanted to without worrying about fit.

The foundation is a thick cream and applies easily with the sponge. I found that if I used the sponge I would have very full coverage, I preferred to use my fingertips and then blend in with the sponge, this gives me medium coverage. The coverage is enough that it isn’t really flawless invisible coverage (no one looks that good in real life), but it looks great. Lasts most of the day (~10 hours) without caking or fading issues.

Overall I definitely liked this foundation, I’ll be purchasing it in the correct shade and you can be sure it will be my go-to travel foundation.

Mark Min-A-Real Foundation


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  1. August 21, 2011 / 10:09 pm

    I'd definitely be interested to know if you can find a shade pale/cool enough. I have a lot of trouble with many foundations but I'd be interested in this one if it works for you!

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