Emjoi: Pedicures Made Easy

Emjoi: Pedicures Made Easy, buffer, review
What is that crazy looking tool? It's the latest pedicure tool, think of it as the new Ped Egg, sans cheese grater.

Basically, it is a sander for your foot. Really. Turn it on and the blue part, which is a rough sand paper, will rotate very quickly (about 30x a second). Use it on your dry feet to help smooth away rough spots. It is really fast, and I loved that I could use it on much more sensitive areas of my foot than I can with my Ped Egg. The results are also smoother, since I tend to skimp on the time with the "finisher" step of my Ped Egg.

The Emjoi is just hitting the States. It has been available in the EU for a while. It is definitely worth checking out if you hate using foot files, like I do. You can buy it ($40) from the Emjoi website now, but in September it will be at Sally's, ULTA and other stores.


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