A Dozen Roses: Which Flower Are You?

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A new trio of fragrances is launching this summer, and there is sure to be a match for you. A Dozen Roses is a trio of fragrances: a white floral, a woodsy/oriental floral and a fresh, fruity floral. During the initial development of the scents, three female perfumers created three distinct scents for three different woman—although one woman can embody all three scents at different times. Each scent is built around a middle note of the line's signature Rose Absolute. Since each scent was so different and distinct, I took my trio of little samples to work to see what my friends thought.

Read on to find out more about each scent.

Shakespeare in Love
When trying out this scent with my friends, the words "crisp" and "clean" were mentioned over and over again. For about the first 30 minutes or so it is a very green and slightly citrus smelling scent. Once the burn down has completed the pear comes more into the forefront with the vanilla to balance it. We couldn't pick up the creamy woods while I was at work, it was only hours later once I was home that I thought I could pick it up.

This scent was clean and fresh and I felt it was pretty approachable. To me it was a more sophisticated version of Victoria's Secret best-selling Pear Glace scent. The pear was a bit strong and wasn't for everybody. Those that don't like fruity scents should pass on this one.

Top Notes: Jasmine, Gardenia, and Fresh Pear
Middle Notes: Blush Rose and Rose Absolute
Base Notes: Creamy woods and vanilla

Iced White
Of the trio, Iced White was the clear crowd pleaser amongst my friends. It was a soft white floral with a bit of a spiciness to make things more interesting. My friend Melissa said it reminded her of Truth by Calvin Klein, though slightly more floral.

Top Notes: White peony, white primrose, osmanthus
Middle Notes: Rose Absolute
Base Notes: Vanilla, white musk

Gold Rush
Gold Rush is initially very, very rose heavy. So much so, that when my friend Melissa first applied it she cringed and jerked away saying "ewww, it smells like my grandma." Luckily that quickly changes! Within about 10 minutes of a dry down, the ylang ylang comes out a little bit, the rose fades away and the whole thing is balanced out by the ebony woods. There's just a touch of sweet fruitiness with the blackberry as well.

Once things have settled out, the scent is a woodsy, slightly fruity floral that isn't as rose as I had expected. The fragrance has been described as "Sexy, Rich, Wild", and while I'm not sure I'd describe it as sexy (to me that's more characteristic of an oriental fragrance), I think this is a confident and somewhat bold scent.

Top Notes: Blackberry, neroli, and ylang ylang
Middle Notes: Rose and Rose Absolute
Base Notes: Bittersweet chocolate and ebony woods

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